Aerial Drone Photography for Construction and Events

Aerial Drone Photography for Construction and Events

Aerial Drone Photography for Construction and Events

There are so many ideas to think about in marketing your business but if you own a construction business or are organising an event then consider the use of aerial survey drones for construction aerial photography or event aerial photography

As a fully qualified commercial photographer using aerial survey drones I can tell you that nothing shows of your construction site or event better than aerial and drone photography. 

So what are the benefits for using aerial drones for construction aerial photography?

The first and most obvious benefit is that it shows your client the best view of the construction site like nothing else can.

The use of drone and aerial photography for construction sites can showcase the whole site showing what you want to be shown to the customer in new and exciting ways.

If you are constructing a building what better way to show it off than by the air taking in new angles that inspire and create a sense of wonder.

For builders creating new houses and estates aerial drone photography is a great way to show the whole estate including incoming roads, the local area and of course the plot of land where their house will be built.

Using a drone for construction aerial photography is an exciting way to inspire more sales and provides you with a unique way to sell on your website.

How to use aerial drones for event aerial photography.

The use of drones for event aerial photography is a new and exciting way to show the event from 400 feet above the crowds when the event is live or to showcase the event before it starts, getting people excited about what is to come.

Imagine your event being shown on your website with sweeping images of happy customers being videoed from right above them showing their place in the crowds of people enjoying themselves.

These videos and images are inspiring ways to promote your present and future events as your customers get a bird’s eye view of the whole event without the expense of hiring a helicopter.

It looks very cool too!

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