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24 Nov

Aerial Photography in Bedfordshire

Get The Best Aerial Photography in Bedfordshire

Expert aerial photography in Bedfordshire, Paul Simister aerial and drone photography can give your business the edge with aerial photography in UK.

For the best aerial photography in Bedfordshire and the UK call Paul today. Paul Simister is an expert aerial photographer in Bedfordshire.

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20 Nov

Lest we Forget

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I was in London recently for a property shoot, taking some interior architecture images for a construction client. After the shoot I walked across Tower Bridge and over to see the huge poppy display at the Tower of London. The whole area was packed full of people and it was actually difficult to get to see the display at all. But after some perseverance I was able to grab a few images.

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30 Oct

Aerial Drone Photography Takes Off Here

Aerial Drone Photography and Aerial Surveys!

There are endless types of photography, but have you ever seen the wonders of aerial photography through the use of drones? Aerial photography (in UK) is a new method of surveying the land and through the use of aerial survey drones you can create the best videos and capture the best photos available. This isn’t an easy form of photography by any means; this is actually an art form of sorts and requires a special hand and skill to perform quality aerial photography services.

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21 Oct

Aerial Drone Photography for Construction and Events

Aerial Drone Photography for Construction and Events

There are so many ideas to think about in marketing your business but if you own a construction business or are organising an event then consider the use of aerial survey drones for construction aerial photography or event aerial photography

As a fully qualified commercial photographer using aerial survey drones I can tell you that nothing shows of your construction site or event better than aerial and drone photography. 

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21 Oct

Aerial Photography: The New Frontier

Aerial Photography is Here To Grow Your Sales

Although Captain Kirk was not thinking of aerial photography when he shared the famous phrase about “boldly going where no man had gone before” we can apply the same sentiment to photography as technology allows you to get more engaging, entertaining and more effective photography that will bring your marketing to new whole levels.

The truth is, we are definitely boldly going to new frontiers and I want you to join me there 400 feet up above the ground!

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15 Sep

Giving Back to the Community

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A couple of weeks back I spent the morning helping some youngsters at Stevenage Boro Football Club by giving a demonstration of my Aerial Photography system in practice. The club have today finalised the press release and posted it on their website.

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29 Aug

Why use a drone for Property Photography?

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How often have you tried to gain access to a property to obtain the ‘killer shot’ that will help get you the quickest sale, only to be caught by an obstacle such as water or something in the way of a pole camera? The thing about aerial drones is that they can get to places that these other systems cannot. If you are selling property at the top end of the market you owe it to your clients to use the latest technology to obtain the best images for them so why not use drone photography?

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25 Jul

Seeing the world from a different perspective – Part 3

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When you think about it, there’s quite a bit of technology involved in getting these quad copters or multirotors up in the air. In the early days of remote controlled planes and helicopters people would fly on 35Mhz frequency with different coloured crystals to make sure that there was no interference from other flyers in the same area. The Phantom transmitter runs on 2.4Ghz which is the new frequency for remote controlled vehicles.

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24 Jul

Seeing the world from a different perspective – Part 2

The first thing I noticed when I started using the GoPro camera with the Phantom was the fact that being attached directly to the underneath of the craft, every time it banked (tilting or leaning ) or turned then the video or photograph was at an angle. I did some research and found that there was a gimbal available. The gimbal consists of a frame containing 2 motors and a small circuit board with a gyro attached. This means that the gyro detects the aircraft turning or banking and sends a direction to the motors to compensate for the movement and keep the camera level with the horizon.

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