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21 Jul

Seeing the world from a different perspective – Part 1

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At the end of last year I became aware of a new gadget which really caught my interest. The DJI Phantom Quadcopter. This is a remote controlled 4 blade helicopter with the ability to carry a GoPro camera. It looked amazing. I saw videos on YouTube showing aerial shots of fantastic place around the world; flying over Niagra Falls, action sports like surfing or wake boarding, as well as wonderful new ways to show off familiar things like towns and cities. The birds eye view makes even the most well known places look completely different.

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18 Jul

New website launched

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I am delighted to announce the launch of our new website and i hope you will enjoy browsing as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

For those of you that have visited my website before, you will notice that this is not a minor tweak to the design. The website has been rebuilt from the ground up to reflect the impact my photography can have. The first thing I wanted to achieve was to be sure that the whole website focussed on my images rather then the content. The content of course is important but the website needed portray visual impact.

Getting the right look & feel for the website was the first step then it was over to functionality and streamlining my online presence. After all, a good website isn’t just a brochure site – it has to work for me as well.

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25 Jan

Which Camera is the BEST??

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I often get asked,”Which camera should I buy?” or “Which one is the best?” For most people these seem like the simplest and easiest questions to ask and have answered. As a photographer, there are many answers and even more questions. This is no easy task.

I usually start by asking people what it is they want to take pictures of. The trouble is most people answer the same thing,”Oh, just stuff really.” or “My family.” Sometimes you get a complicated answer where someone has done a little research and has an idea but is not sure of any way to accomplish it, “I want to shoot landscapes and photos of my family”. Most people expect an answer which will give them the exact camera or camera and lens combination that will give them perfect results every time. The problem is such a beast doesn’t really exist.

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