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25 Jan

Which Camera is the BEST??

In Beginner by admin / January 25, 2014 / 0 Comments

I often get asked,”Which camera should I buy?” or “Which one is the best?” For most people these seem like the simplest and easiest questions to ask and have answered. As a photographer, there are many answers and even more questions. This is no easy task.

I usually start by asking people what it is they want to take pictures of. The trouble is most people answer the same thing,”Oh, just stuff really.” or “My family.” Sometimes you get a complicated answer where someone has done a little research and has an idea but is not sure of any way to accomplish it, “I want to shoot landscapes and photos of my family”. Most people expect an answer which will give them the exact camera or camera and lens combination that will give them perfect results every time. The problem is such a beast doesn’t really exist.

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