Profile Headshots

Getting the Perfect Headshot 

If you’re in business, you will of course need to promote yourself; either as the business owner or as a working professional person. I’m sure you will have Facebook pages and websites as well as Twitter and LinkedIn pages, all of which will need a good profile image of you.
Now, I’m sure that the reason you run your business is because you are the best at what you do. Obviously you need to portray this image in your Headshot. Take a look at what you are using at the moment;

Is it a crop from a holiday snap?
A selfie from your mobile phone maybe?

If so, does it show you at your absolute best? The idea of the Headshot is to show you as the true professional person that you are. Candid snaps from friends, holiday shots or phone images will struggle to do this in a way that is flattering and brings out the professional YOU.
Your Headshot or Profile Picture is a marketing tool in its own right. They are all about business. Never forget that. If you think about it, you probably have a marketing budget for promotional material already. Have you thought that this should include the cost of a professional Headshot?

When it comes to my clients getting the best out of their Headshots I usually have a few things to explain, which really help them;

1. Think

Think about what you’re going to wear. If you work in a suit, wear a suit. There’s not much point in turning up for a Headshot wearing jeans and a t-shirt if your clients see you in a suit and tie. Think about how you want your clients and prospective clients to see you. Oh and try to never turn up for your shoot in an outfit you haven’t worn before. It can be a little too uncomfortable and strange. Both of which will affect the way you look and your ability to relax.

2. Relax

_DSC6449Relax, relax, relax!! Most of us hate being in front of the camera. Unfortunately this can mean that the real you will not shine through in the Headshot. It’s important to spend some time talking before and during the shoot. This way you can get to know me and I get to know you. That way you can feel a little more comfortable and we can build some trust in the way that we can work together.

3. Smile

Smile, but not in every shot. I’ve had many conversations with business owners on this. Some people want to have a smile in their Headshot and some feel it wouldn’t be appropriate for their type of business and look for a more ‘straight’ neutral shot. There really is no right or wrong in this. My job is to bring out the real you.
It’s important to remember that to get the perfect Headshot, it takes time and a little work on your part too. You need to feel comfortable as I said above, we do this by chatting and getting to know each other. To get the best out of people I usually allow at least an hour and a half. Some people are fine and good to go in thirty minutes and some take several hours. Everyone is different and we are all individuals.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch, click on the button below or call 07970 978345 and let’s get you the perfect headshot.

I need a Headshot

Oh and once you crack the Headshot then the next step is actually talking on camera. I have some great friends over at the Business Film Booth; David and Ed. They just produced the video at the beginning of the page after one of the 4Networking meetings we attend. I’d highly recommend them.