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30 Oct

Aerial Drone Photography Takes Off Here

Aerial Drone Photography and Aerial Surveys!

There are endless types of photography, but have you ever seen the wonders of aerial photography through the use of drones? Aerial photography (in UK) is a new method of surveying the land and through the use of aerial survey drones you can create the best videos and capture the best photos available. This isn’t an easy form of photography by any means; this is actually an art form of sorts and requires a special hand and skill to perform quality aerial photography services.

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21 Oct

Aerial Photography: The New Frontier

Aerial Photography is Here To Grow Your Sales

Although Captain Kirk was not thinking of aerial photography when he shared the famous phrase about “boldly going where no man had gone before” we can apply the same sentiment to photography as technology allows you to get more engaging, entertaining and more effective photography that will bring your marketing to new whole levels.

The truth is, we are definitely boldly going to new frontiers and I want you to join me there 400 feet up above the ground!

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24 Jul

Seeing the world from a different perspective – Part 2

The first thing I noticed when I started using the GoPro camera with the Phantom was the fact that being attached directly to the underneath of the craft, every time it banked (tilting or leaning ) or turned then the video or photograph was at an angle. I did some research and found that there was a gimbal available. The gimbal consists of a frame containing 2 motors and a small circuit board with a gyro attached. This means that the gyro detects the aircraft turning or banking and sends a direction to the motors to compensate for the movement and keep the camera level with the horizon.

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