Why use a drone for Property Photography?

Why use a drone for Property Photography?

How often have you tried to gain access to a property to obtain the ‘killer shot’ that will help get you the quickest sale, only to be caught by an obstacle such as water or something in the way of a pole camera? The thing about aerial drones is that they can get to places that these other systems cannot. If you are selling property at the top end of the market you owe it to your clients to use the latest technology to obtain the best images for them so why not use drone photography?

Remote control drones can fly to a height of 400ft which means not only can they go much higher than conventional methods of getting the aerial shots but can also fly over the property to get shots which would otherwise only be possible by chartering a commercial aircraft (at a cost of around £1000 per hour).

Imagine being able to put video flyovers on your website to not only highlight the main building of a property but also the grounds and surrounding area. Panoramic shots taken from above using drone photogaphy would give a whole new unseen perspective to a potential buyer.

But it doesn’t stop there. The uses of drone photography spread much further into the realms of Property Development as well as Surveyors, Architects and can also be a valuable tool for business carrying out Roof Inspections and Refurbishment. It can cost thousands of pounds to erect scaffolding to enable workers to carry out a rooftop survey but far less with drone photography.

There are also the safety aspects to consider. Imagine being able to carry out the job whilst your feet are firmly planted on the ground. With the help of a commercial drone pilot you would be able to see what the drone sees on a monitor or even a pair of video goggles as if you were up on the rooftop. This means that not only is there a massive saving in costs but also in time. Once the site survey is completed and the necessary risk assessment and notifications done, then the drone will be airborne in minutes, supplying you with real time video as well as stills and even HD video for later evaluation.

Coverage of potential development sites again can be a major chore. The drone can take away the hassles of this by reducing the number of staff needed on site as well as the amount of time taken to cover the whole area.

To summarise;

  • Cost saving against thousands of pounds to erect scaffolding or to arrange for a cherry picker to give you access to rooftops.
  • Ability to fly over obstacles that would get in the way of Pole Cameras
  • Video flyovers recorded in HD
  • Ability to survey areas up to 500m radius from the take-off point
  • Real-time video available either by monitor or video goggles giving you a live aerial view

An important thing to note here is that the commercial use of drones is restricted and regulated in the UK. I have all of the necessary qualifications (BNUC-S) as well as a Permit for Aerial Work from the Civil Aviation Authority and the all-important insurances to cover my operations.

Please get in touch if you would like a quotation for aerial photography or video of your site or project.

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